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At Des Moines Radon, we are dedicated to lowering the radon levels of your home, your office, your school, your restaurant and more. We specialize in commercial and residential radon mitigation services. We also treat waterborne radon and air purification systems.

We offer to test throughout the Des Moines Metro area for private homes, apartment complexes, condominiums, homeowner’s associations, schools, office buildings, industrial plants, homes in real estate transfers, commercial real estate buildings and churches.

Jack Cooper established Des Moines Radon to reduce radon exposure to radon in enclosed buildings so that the cases of lung cancer and other health ailments caused by it can be eliminated. Having been affected by radon in a personal way, our owner has now dedicated his life to making sure that others prevent the very real consequences caused by radon exposure. Because every county in Iowa is at high risk for radon we have decided to focus our efforts right here in Iowa, specifically, Des Moines.

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Our mission at Des Moines Radon is to provide the best radon testing and mitigation services in the Des Moines Metro Area. We strive to fulfill our mission by giving customers quality service in a timely and affordable manner. Des Moines Radon has a skilled radon professional who is dedicated to handling each case individually to meet and exceed the client’s needs. He is certified through the Nation Environmental Health Association (NEHA). At Des Moines Radon, we provide free radon mitigation estimates.

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Services offered by Des Moines Radon include: Radon Mitigation | Radon Testing

Our Mission Is To Provide The Best Radon Testing And Mitigation Services