The Cost of Radon Mitigation

Introduction Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer and is estimated to be the 3-4% reason for lung cancer in the country. It depends on the average radon level and smoking prevalence. Moreover, The main benefit is reducing the risk of developing lung cancer. This blog covers the cost of radon mitigation, radon remediation […]

Radon Remediation: Ensuring Safe Indoor Air Quality

Rodan is a colorless and odorless radioactive gas. It comes from the soil and it is almost present in every soil. It moves from soil to home through pores in concrete and gaps in walls and floors. Problems arise when radon gas seeps into your home and becomes trapped inside. Radon remediation is the process […]

Radon Inspection: Essential Steps to Ensure Home Safety

What is a Radon Inspection? Radon inspection involves the usage of devices like electric ion detectors, alpha track detectors and monitors to determine the levels of radon in the home.  Activated Charcoal adsorption, alpha track detection, Charcoal scavenging, and so on are some of the radon measurement methods  Why is Radon Inspection Necessary? Radon exposure […]